Employee Welness Program

Fitbox Fitness is a wellness partner for over 80 companies in India. Improve your employee engagement with India’s Largest & Most Loved Fitness Team.

Fitness & Sports

  • Health Check-Up Camp
  • Fitness Check-Up Camp
  • Outdoor Games
  • Indoor Games
  • Fitness Games

Our Clients have witnessed 50% Increase in physical Activity.

Increase productivity with exclusive initiatives. Organize tournaments & engage with employees through sports.
Employee physical and mental wellness benefits - Prioritize the physical wellness of your employees
Class time:
30-40 minutes
Adults 18-40
Level of training:
For all
Support your employees in their journey toward better health. Let them choose what works best for them, whether it's fitness challenges with rewards or a range of online and offline subscriptions, from gym membership and virtual yoga classes to fitness and nutrition consultations.