Complete Setup Your Dream Gym starting from Rs.50 Lakhs with 6 Months Team Support absolutely Free

Our Exclusive Machine creation & infrastructure designing team will support you in setting up & running your dream Gym.

Requirements & Commercials for a Fitbox Fitness franchise

  • Minimum 5000Sq.ft Open Space with Parking facility
  • Account Balance with minimum ₹50 Lakhs
  • Franchisee Fees at ₹5L (Included in the Package)
  • Royalty charges at 2% Applicable on Membership Sale

Upgrade Your Gym Management to Fitbox Fitness

Fitbox Fitness leads in the gym management segment & has curated upto 5X ROI to Gym Owners.
Have a Gym ? Need someone to manage it here we are. With our world class trainers, facilities & tech platform we deliver the best.

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