Steps to follow after joining Fitbox Fitness

04 Sep 2023
For a fresher joining the gym for the first time a must read guide.

A Guide to what one must do after joining the gym.

Often many of us join a gym to achieve targeted goals like losing belly fat, losing weight, etc. but how can one achieve the goal, Here is your guide to understanding what to do after joining the gym. We at Fitbox Fitness follow a set of steps in helping our clients achieve goals and at the same time establish a rapport building relationship with our clients.

  •  Consultation

            Every gym member must consult the lead trainer or the gym manager before starting their fitness routine. Now this consultation is mainly about you sharing your daily routine, current diet intake, medical history, previous body injuries & setting up a comfortable workout hour. For the First Week at Fitbox Fitness, we give a basic workout to identify the capping limit, strengths & weaknesses. In this First week since your body is being tormented, you will experience fever & body pain which is completely fine as your body starts impacting your immunity level.  

  •  BMI Check

            After consultation, ensure the Trainer takes your BMI  (Body Mass Index). Why is this Needed? Cause BMI will help you identify your GOAL whether it's weight loss, weight gain or just being fit. The BMI result displays various records such as body fat, visceral fat, and much more.  After getting the BMI Report save it for future reference to match how much you have achieved your Goal.

  • NJT (New-Joinee-Training-Week)

          During the First week at Fitbox Fitness, we provide training to our new general members post which the member needs to follow the routine until changed by the Trainer. This period at FITBOX FITNESS we call NEW-JOINEE-TRAINING-WEEK. General Training includes support & posture correction at equal intervals, continuing the same workout for a Month.

  • BMI Day

           Every 1st of the Month is considered BMI Day to track your results as we need statistics to help you achieve results. After your report is generated you will be subjected to an appointment with the trainer on Review Day to talk about your 1-month experience and feedback against the services.

  • Review Day

           We consider the 4th of every month as a review day where you will have a 1-on-1 session with the lead trainer or the gym manager based on your previous BMI Records, medical history your feedback the further course of action will be decided. 

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